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Multi-Clipboard plugin for Notepad++

Notepad++ is an excellent open-sourced text editor, that is extensible with its powerful plugin capabilities. Multi-Clipboard plugin provides fast storage and retrieval of text snippets that have been copied to the system clipboard.

Latest: MultiClipboard 2.1 9th September 2011


  • Language support
    • Natively supports Unicode
    • Supports display of UI in other languages using NativeLang plugin
  • Copy and paste of clipboard text
    • Copies text from
      1. within Notepad++
      2. all programs in OS
      3. all programs, but only when text is pasted into Notepad++
    • Sidebar for displaying and editing of clipboard text
      1. Drag drop from list to Notepad++ document or other programs
    • Popup clip text menu using Ctrl-Shift-V
    • Optional numbered label for popup menu
  • Plugin settings dialog with built-in help
  • Middle-click pasting
  • Clipboard cyclic paste
  • Auto copying of selected text
  • Persist clipboard text across sessions


To show the multiclipboard paste menu via Notepad++'s (right click) context menu, add the following line to %Notepad++Directory%\contextMenu.xml
<Item PluginEntryName="MultiClipboard" PluginCommandItemName="MultiClipboard Paste"/>

This makes things more convenient when there are many copy/paste operations to perform :-)


The following are features planned for the continual development of MultiClipboard 2. While they are planned, they are by no means guaranteed to be delievered due to any problems/constraints.
  • Tooltip of popup menu displays full clip text
  • Auto-highlight of 2nd item in pop-upmenu
  • For paste all, allow customisable text in between items
  • Improve the options dialog. It doesn't scale well when more options are added
  • Drag and drop of text within MultiClip Viewer listbox to rearrange items. Implement listbox as OLE drop target
  • Remember the position of the splitter in the MultiClip Viewer across sessions

Known issues

  • When the document is converted from one EOL type to another in Notepad++, the clipboard text aren't updated
  • When keymapping of paste is changed from Ctrl-V or Shift-Insert to something else, MultiClipboard will not be able to hook into the paste operation. This is a limitation of Notepad++, because it does not notify plugins of paste operations nor expose its shortcut mappings to plugins


MultiClipboard 2 docked
MultiClipboard 2 - Docked
MultiClipboard 2 floating dialog
MultiClipboard 2 - Floating dialog
Version 1.2 screenshot
Features for version 1.2

MultiClipboard 1.0 Archive

This multi-clipboard plugin allows the user to quickly and conveniently perform numerous copy/cut and paste easily via its internal clipboard, and a handy Ctrl+Shift+V shortcut key. This is similar to the excellent Visual Assist's multi-clipboard function.

All the user has to do is to perform his copy/cut functions as usual, and press Ctrl+Shift+V to open a context menu with the last 10 items that was copied/cut. Selecting the item pastes it into the text as per normal.


9th Sep 11: Version 2.1

  • Limit text entries in the listbox of MultiClip Viewer to 100 chars if text is too long
  • Allow 'Delete' key to delete selected item in MultiClip Viewer
  • Option to ignore text greater than a certain size to improve plugin performance
  • Text size is a hidden option in the config xml
  • Option to not allow text greater than a certain size to be edited in MultiClip Viewer, to improve plugin performance. Text size is a hidden option in the config xml
  • Some internal changes to improve performance a little bit
  • Rename localisation file to more standard name suffixes, eg _en, _de
  • Fix issue when Notepad++ is converting text format between ANSI and UTF/Unicode, the entire text is copied into system clipboard during this process, and hence into MultiClipboard. Now the plugin will recognise and ignore this process
  • Added toolbar button to delete selected item in MultiClip Viewer
  • Added toolbar button to copy selected item to OS clipboard in MultiClip Viewer
  • Added toolbar button to paste all item from the clipboard
  • When pasting all items, add option to paste them in reverse order
  • When pasting all items, add option to add newline character between items
  • Added toolbar button to show MultiClipboard options dialog
  • Make items in listbox of MultiClip Viewer draggable
  • Drag from listbox to editor or other programs to insert text
  • Remembers whether the clipboard item is a column mode selection and paste it accordingly
  • Added option to persist clipboard texts across editing sessions
  • Requires Notepad++ 5.5 for rectangular selection to work properly.
  • (Technical)
  • Switch to unity build configuration. Full release build time went down from 27 secs to 8 secs
  • Use link time code generation in release build to hopefully improve runtime performance
  • Updated project file to Visual Studio 2010
  • Use scintilla header from Scintilla version 2.01, which comes with Notepad++ 5.5

20th Feb 2009: Version 2.0

  • Added cyclic clipboard paste as an alternative to paste menu on Ctrl-Shift-V
  • Added auto copying of selected text to clipboard
  • Added middle click paste and shift-middle click to show paste menu
  • Paste menu pop-up location is at caret when activated by keyboard, and at mouse cursor when activated by mouse
  • (Internal code changes)
  • Refactored the code for the settings dialog (no user functionalities changed)
  • Refactored the code to delete the IView class and inherit all MVC classes from IController as the two classes are too similar
  • Added a Init( ... ) function to IController class to encapsulate all initialisations within itself

22nd Nov 2008: Version 2.0 Preview 2

  • Added NativeLang support
  • Updated UI look and feel and icons to match those of other Notepad++ plugins, modify listbox and editbox fonts (to courier new, non bold) and tab stop width for the latter (4 chars)
  • After deleting a clipviewer item, the next item in the list will be selected
  • Edit box will be enabled only when a valid list item is selected
  • After clicking or double-clicking a list item, input focus will go back to the active scintilla view
  • Added an options dialog, and these settings are saved to xml file for persistent across sessions
  • Upgraded to unicode version. From now on this plugin will only work with unicode version of Notepad++ (version 5.1 unicode and above)
  • Added the original paste menu that is activated via Ctrl-Shift-V

4th Jan 07: Version 1.3.1

  • Unmodified patch contributed by Bahman
  • Active selections are always replaced by the previous snippet with any variety of paste command,including middle-clicking/Ctrl-Shift-V
  • System and Multi-clipboard are always in sync, so that any generic paste uses the last thing you copied/autocopied, regardless of whether either copy or paste takes place inside or outside of Notepad++
    • Plus if the snippet is external it's automatically added to the copytextlist when pasted inside npp (Note: Only upon paste, not upon copy)
  • Fix: Middle-clicking not clipboard list menu does not paste first item now; it is ignored

12th Dec 07: Version 1.3

  • Enabled text selection auto-copy by default
  • Auto-copy text are passed to Windows clipboard buffer
  • Added an option to use numbers as menu accelerator for clipboard items

17th May 07: Version 1.2

  • Added clipboard items to the plugin's menu bar
  • Clear clipboard buffer from the plugin's menu bar
  • Option to toggle on/off middle mouse click pasting
  • Experimental support for copy text on selection
    • Polls text selection at 0.5 seconds frequency and detects text selection changes
    • Detects if text selection overlaps previous one, or is a new selection, and add or replace clipboard item accordingly
  • Option to toggle on/off auto text selection copying

2nd Apr 07: Version 1.1

  • Implements middle-click pasting.

Download MultiClipboard 2 (Unicode only)

Translation (only for Preview 2 and above)

  • German (by Michael Brügmann)